4 in 1 Diagnostic Cartridge for Commodore 64 / C64

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This cartridge includes 4 diagnostic test roms (as listed below) for Commodore 64.
C-64 Diagnostic Rev. 586220
C-64 Diagnostic Rev. 4.1.1
C-64 Import Test Diag
C-64 Diagnostic (Box)

[How to use]
Simply slide the switches to select the diagnostic test rom.

 Diagnostic Diag. Rev. 586220 Diag. Rev. 4.1.1 Import Test Diag. Diag. (Box)
Uppder Switch RIght Right Left Left
Lower Switch Right Left Right Left

In order to fully test your machine(e.g. I/O port), harness (loop back connection) is needed. 

Only slide the switches when the machine is off.