Magic Desk Compatible 1MB Cartridge for Commodore 64/C64 with 28 games/28 in 1

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This is a Magic Desk compatible C64 cartridge with 2 x MX29F040 512k byte flash ROM.

You may create your compilation of games and write it to the flash ROM by ROM programmer. Or you may give me the list of games and I will program it before I ship it.

If without request, the default compilation of games is:
1. Archon
2. Barry McGuigan World Championship
3. Bruce Lee
4. Bubble Bobble
5. Buck Rogers
6. Buggy Boy
7. Detective Game, The
8. Emlyn Hughes International Soccer
9. Enforcer
10. Fort Apocalypse
11. Great Giana Sisters, The
12. H.E.R.O.
13. IK+
14. Impossible Mission
15. International Karate
16. Jumpman Junior
17. Lode Runner
18. Mercenary
19. Microprose Soccer
20. Montezuma's Revenge
21. Paradroid
22. Pitstop II
23. Raid on Bungeling Bay
24. Spy vs Spy
25. Stunt Car Racer
26. Way of the Exploding Fist, The
27. Wizard of Wor
28. Wizball

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.