MDA / CGA / EGA to VGA video signal converter supports Commodore 128 / C128 / IBM / Tandy

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This video signal converter uses an FPGA to buffer the input signal(MDA / CGA / EGA), converts and upscale the frequency to a standard VGA signal. With this converter, you may use the old classic computer on modern LCD display and get rid of the bulky CRT which takes a lot of space on your desk. 

Turn the dip switches for different input signals:

2 NONE Hercules
3 Color Output Monochrome Emulation
4 Amber Monochrome Green Monochrome

Photos 4, 5, 6 demonstrate the results tested with Commodore 128 80-columns mode. It also applied the brown fix for Commodore 128, so the color dark yellow in photo 6 shows as color brown.