pi1541 Zero Hat (for Pi Zero) Floppy Drive emulator for Commodore 64 C64/C128/C16/plus 4

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Pi1541 is a real-time, cycle exact, Commodore 1541 disk drive emulator that can run on a Raspberry Pi 3B, 3B+ or 3A+.

Pi1541 provides you with an SD card solution for using D64, D81, G64, NIB and NBZ Commodore disk images on real Commodore 8 bit computers such as;-
Commodore 64
Commodore 128
Commodore Vic20
Commodore 16
Commodore Plus4

The following items are needed to use with this item:
1. A Raspberry Pi Zero
2. A micro SD card to hold the firmware, settings and the disk images.

Please visit the official pi1541 website, follow the instructions to setup your SD card.

After you setup your SD card, please uncomment the following lines in options.txt file:
LCDName = ssd1306_128x64

i2cLcdFlip = 1 // Rotate i2c LCD screen 180 degrees

Please feel free to contact me for any questions.