xu1541 for Commodore 64/C64/C128/Plus 4/Vic-20

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The xu1541 was the modern way to connect CBM IEC bus devices to todays USB equipped PCs. The xu1541 interface allows you e.g. to attach a VIC1541 disk drive to your desktop PC as depicted below. This allows for easy transfer of disk images from and to the old units and helps you preserve your ancient data.

The xu1541 is a proprietary interface. It does not transform the VIC1541 into a standard usb mass storage compliant device. Instead it provides a means to send low level IEC commands forth and back via the USB. PC software developed to support this interface may then directly access the disk drive and the contents of a disk inserted. It should also be possible to access other IEC devices like printers. Currently e.g. the git version of the OpenCBM software supports this interface.

It works with a variety of CBM disc drives (1541, 1541-II, 1570, 1571, 1581, SX-64's internal floppy). There have been also some tests on different brands and types of PC, running on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.